News at the Nano Research Facility

Two new publications from Dr. Andrew Kellett's group using NRF equipment

Congratulations to Dr. Andrew Kellett's group for their two recent publications! Both papers include work that was carried out on NRF equipment.

In their Nucleic Acids Research publication "C3-symmetric opioid scaffolds are pH-responsive DNA condensation agents" , they used the AFM in the NRF to visualize DNA condensation induced by a tripodal scaffold and the CD to investigate opoid-DNA binding 



In their Redox Biology paper "Triggering autophagic cell death with a di-manganese(II) developmental therapeutic" , they used the CD spectrometer to investigate drug-DNA binding interactions and the NRF Leica SP8 STED to acquire confocal images of SKOV3 cancer cells treated with a manganese complex.